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Task 3

Task brief:

This is a concept normalization task. Given an ADR mention in natural language (colloquial or other), participant systems are required to identify the UMLS concept ID for the mention.
Training data will consist of a set of ADR mentions and their corresponding, human-assigned UMLS CUIs, as shown below. Submissions should follow an identical format.
Schizophrenia c0036341
tension in my nerves c0027769
shaking c0040822

Systems will be evaluated based on the closeness of their predictions to the gold standard. A system prediction will be considered correct if the predicted CUI is identical, is a synonym, or has a is-a relationship to the gold standard concept.

Training Data:

All the training data can be found in the following link:

download link

Details about this data can be found here

Test Data:


Test data will be made available here.







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